These are the health trends for 2023

10 January 2023


Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and enough relaxation. In recent years, we have become massively aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. We plan to continue along this line in 2023. Which trends can we expect in the new year? Spoiler alert: It involves less instead of more.

 1. JOMO
If there is anything we have learnt in recent years, it is how nice it is not to be ‘on’ all day. A trend that goes hand in hand with slower living is JOMO. JOMO stands for ‘joy of missing out’. It is the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out). FOMO is the fear of missing out on things and hence wanting to be involved with everything, whereas with JOMO you embrace doing nothing. Consciously taking time for yourself and literally going offline is a way to reduce stress and find more balance in life. We are going to see more and more of this in 2023. This year you can skip that boring birthday without any guilt!

2. Budget-conscious enjoyment
Price increases and high energy costs are having a big impact on our wallets. This is also affecting the way we shop. Still, we remain aware of the importance of healthy eating. That’s why in 2023 we will be sure to make the healthy choice, but with a budget-proof aspect. Instead of eating a piece of (organic) meat every day, we will be opting more for vegetable-based one-pot dishes. Easy, healthy and kind to your bank account.

3. Getting more fresh air
We needed to get used to it, but nowadays we regularly exercise outside. This trend is also continuing in 2023. Activities we mostly see are low-intensity workouts, such as walking, cycling and swimming. What’s more, we are increasingly seeing a combination of outdoor exercise and spending the night under the stars, for example in remote huts in the forest or at a pop-up campsite. Hiking for hours to your sleeping spot and then crawling into a warm tent is good for both the body and mind.

4. Less or even no alcohol
We are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of alcohol consumption. So we’re once again kicking off the year with Dry January. More than 250,000 people are expected to participate again this year. We expect more and more people to opt for an alcohol-free life in the rest of 2023 as well. In response, the supply of 0.0% alcohol drinks is also increasing. This will allow you to spend a fun evening without alcohol. Hello, hangover-free weekend!

5. Trying out new kinds of exercise
Continuing to challenge yourself is a key trend in 2023. You can do this in many ways, but trying new types of exercise is perhaps at the top of the list. Chances are you’ve heard of padel, indoor cycling and piloxing, but if you haven’t tried any of these, you definitely should. Another type of exercise we hear about more often is nature swimming, including in winter. This is aligned with this year’s outdoor trend, although it can be a bit daunting at times.

Whichever type of exercise you choose, the important thing is to do something that suits you and energises you. This way exercise will become an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, combined with healthy eating habits, drinking less and regularly getting a breath of fresh air. That’s the secret to a fit 2023!

How financially fit are you?
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