How we invest your employees’ pensions

At BeFrank, we invest all of your employees’ pension contributions. That’s because returns on investments are nearly always higher than for savings. However, investing also involves risks. As an employer, you select your employees’ standard risk profile and the form of investment. After that, your employees can decide whether that profile still suits them.

At BeFrank, we invest using the lifecycle method. How does that work exactly? You can find out on our page about lifecycles.

Freedom of choice for your employees

Within these lifecycles, you can make a number of choices. You choose from three different risk profiles and three forms of investment. We have listed all your investment choices for you.

Initially, we invest your employees’ pension capital in line with your standard. After that, your employees decide whether that choice still suits them or whether they want to make changes.

They can also opt for Do It Yourself investing (if you allow it) or opt to make additional pension contributions. Employees also opt to continue investing part of their pension capital after their retirement date.

At BeFrank, your employees are in charge of their own pension. After all, it’s their future at stake.

Notifying changes

Your employees can notify us of any changes through their personal pension page in a few simple steps. They can change their decisions at any time.

Staggered investment

We invest your employees’ pension capital in different companies, sectors and investment categories (such as equities and bonds) across the world. This level of diversification allows us to limit the risks. Whichever form of investment you choose, you can rest assured that we invest in honest companies. Discover which sustainable choices we make throughout each lifecycle.