Which arrangements does your employer make for you?

Your employer has opted for a pension scheme with BeFrank, A wise move, as we keep your pension easy and personal. Your employer makes a number of decisions, and there are some things that you decide for yourself. On this page, we tell you which arrangements your employer makes regarding your pension.

Investing your pension contribution

Each month, your employer deposits an amount into your investment account. This amount is the contribution that is invested for your pension. Our investment experts will then invest that amount for you. Or you can choose to invest it yourself. Your personal pension page shows you exactly how much contribution your employer makes each month.

If you want to accrue more pension, most schemes allow you to make extra pension contributions.

Pension insurances

You hope it’s never going to happen, but you never know: you could become occupationally disabled or pass away. Your employer can choose to insure you and your surviving dependants against the financial consequences of occupational disability or passing away.

With a waiver of contributions in the event of occupational disability, your employer ensures that your pension accrual continues as normal. Your employer also has the option to pledge an occupational disability pension. This ensures that you receive additional benefits if you have an occupational disability later.

If you pass away before your retirement date, most pension schemes ensure that your surviving dependants receive a monthly benefit. This is the partner’s and orphan’s pension.

To find out what you’re covered for, take a look at your personal pension page.

Supplementary insurance cover

You can also take out supplementary insurance yourself, if permitted by your pension scheme. This page or your personal pension page shows you which options you have.