Chain authorisation: log in on behalf of your customer through eHerkenning

If you want to log into the BeFrank employer portal, you can use eHerkenning (EH). Your customer can authorise you to log in on their behalf. We call this ‘chain authorisation’. How does this log-in method affect you and your customer?

We want to protect our customers’ online data, which is why we use eHerkenning. This is a secure way to log in online.

Secure, easy and reliable

You can use eHerkenning within different organisations. As a result, you need to remember fewer passwords. It’s easy and secure!

Find out more about eHerkenning.

If you want to log into the BeFrank employer portal, you need a level 3 eHerkenning key (EH3). You can recognise this tool by the following logo:

How to log in with eHerkenning

We have worked with eHerkenning since September 2020. In order to ensure a smooth transition, we have created a step-by-step plan. This plan clearly explains the steps you and your customer need to take in order to log in.

As an advisor, you can access the employer portal in a variety of ways. Your customer needs to give you access first (one time only) through chain authorisation or the employer portal. Please note: You will need eHerkenning in order to log in.

> Step-by-step eHerkenning plan for advisors (only in Dutch)

> Step-by-step eHerkenning plan for employers

Want to know more about logging into the employer portal through eHerkenning?

> How your customer can authorise you through chain authorisation

> Frequently Asked Questions about eHerkenning

When you’re ready to log in, go to the employer portal.