Most asked questions

Pensions are quite complex and we can imagine that you have questions. We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.


It will only take you a few minutes. Afterwards, you can continue with what you were doing and you’ll have arranged your pension properly. Wonderful!

If you do nothing, we will continue to invest based on the standard choices made by your employer. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s the standard for a reason. However, you may want to take a chance on more returns or take less risk. That’s why you should take the quick and easy test and check which investment risk suits you best.

We understand that, and fortunately that’s what we’re here for. We will help you to choose a profile that suits you. Choosing the right investment risk is really easy. Do the test and check which investment risk suits you.

We invest for you anyway, but on the basis of the investment risk determined by your employer. And since we’re talking about your pension capital, you may prefer to choose how we invest it. So take the test and check which investment risk suits you.

Six months before you reach your State Pension Age, we will send you a letter. The letter will explain how you can have your accrued pension capital paid out.

When you retire, we will sell your investments. You will then buy your own pension benefits from a Dutch insurance company. Wondering which insurance company is the best fit for you? On your personal pension page, you can compare fictitious quotes in a few simple steps. To do that, log on to your personal pension page, and go to ‘What will happen when...’ > ‘Retirement’.

Selecting the right pension insurer is not always easy, but it is important. Make sure you get advice from a financial advisor, for example.

BeFrank is a PPI, which stands for ‘Premium Pension Institution'. But what does this term mean exactly? A PPI is a relatively new pension administrator, alongside insurance companies and pension funds. We manage pension schemes and accrue pension assets. However, we do not bear the risk ourselves. A PPI manages collective defined contribution schemes. The pension benefits partly depend on the results of investments.

If you end your relationship with your partner, your pension and your ex-partner's pension may be affected. That’s why it’s important to make proper agreements about how your pension will be distributed. Even if you have only been living together with your ex-partner. 

If you don’t make any agreements about your pension, it will be distributed according to the legal rules. This means that your ex-partner will be entitled to the value of the partner's pension when you pass away. And vice versa: you will be entitled to your ex-partner's partner's pension. 

Upon divorce, your partner will also be entitled to part of your retirement pension and vice versa. This is usually half the amount of the pension, but it depends how long you were married or in a registered partnership. 

Of course, you can also agree to distribute your pensions differently or agree that you do not share your pensions at all. 

When you separate, pension rules can be quite complicated. We will always advise you to get good advice. That way, you will avoid misunderstandings. 

Want to calculate the potential implications in advance? It costs €100 per calculation.

When you pass away, your BeFrank insurance policies will stop. If you still have value in your pension account, your surviving dependants can use that value to purchase a partner's and/or orphan's pension. They can do this with an insurer of their choice. 

There is no longer any risk insurance on the partner’s and orphan’s pension. This does mean that the pension that insurance companies can buy will be lower than it would have been if you were still insured or employed. An insurance policy is therefore taken out based on the current value of your pension capital. We call this the 'recovery clause'.