Most asked questions

Pensions are quite complex and we can imagine that you have questions. We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.


We want to make pensions more accessible, personal and sustainable. We do so by explaining pension matters in clear, simple terms. We also work entirely online, as sustainability is a key aspect of our mission.

Employees in active employment will receive a UPO each year. We will send this statement by 1 October at the latest in the year after the year that the UPO relates to. 

Have you and/or your customer made all of the necessary changes relating to the previous year? Please make sure you do this – preferably as soon as possible after 1 January. Once we have received approval, we will start drawing up the UPOs. We will send the UPOs for all employees in one go and post them on employees' personal pension pages. We will inform them of this by e-mail.

At BeFrank, we conclude contracts with employers that have at least 25 employees. You can request a quote by sending an e-mail to

If your customer has fewer than 25 employees, we cannot send you a quote.

At BeFrank, we provide the best service at a fair price. We always put the customer first, which is why every employer has a personal account manager. This means there is always one clear point of contact when customers have questions. 

Each customer also gets its own employer portal, which is available in both Dutch and English. This is where your customers can find all employee details and invoices. They can notify us of any changes in a few simple steps. 

In addition, all employees have a personal pension page, which they can access through their computer or the 'My Pension' app. This allows them to access their pension affairs any time, anywhere.

We value good working relationships with our advisors. That’s why we’re easy to contact and our communication is transparent. This is how we achieve our common goal: satisfied customers. 

We work with large Wft-certified actuarial firms as well as smaller Wft-certified consultancy firms. Together with you and your people, we consider what is in the best interests of your customer. We always discuss who is going to serve the customer and where you as an advisor can show your added value. 

We also work together when communicating with participants. During the term of a pension scheme, we will closely consult you when it comes to changes that affect your advice. That way, you can do what you’re good at and we can do what we’re good at.

Yes. As an employer, you can take out a net pension scheme with BeFrank for employees who earn more than € 137,800 per year (2024). They have the option to make additional pension contributions from their net salary or take out additional insurance against the risk of their passing away and occupational disability. There are several options. Contact your account manager or pension coach for more information.