Sustainability at BeFrank

At BeFrank, we believe in fair pensions. Where a healthy financial future goes hand in hand with a healthy world. That is why we invest pension capital in businesses that treat people and the environment with respect. And we offer the posibility to offset the CO2 emissions from investments. We also keep our own footprint as small as possibleCheck out the 3 components of our sustainable strategy.

#1 Socially responsible investing (SRI)

Every day, our pension assets are growing. We can make a considerable impact with these investments. Therefore, we invest responsibly and offer various options for an even more sustainable pension. We offer three forms of investment: passive, active and sustainable (impact). Regardless of what form you choose, we will always invest the pension contributions responsibly.

#2 CO2 offset

For the lifecycles in which we invest the pension contributions, we choose funds with relatively low CO2 emissions. At the moment, however, we cannot yet completely prevent investments from emitting CO2. For that reason, BeFrank enables you as an employer to offset those CO2 emissions.

#3 Sustainable business operations

We do business with respect for nature and the environment. In doing so, we keep our own CO2 footprint as low as possible. At the same time, we know that there is always room for improvement in our business operations. We can always reduce our energy consumption or make different choices concerning our office and employee mobility, for example. Since April 2024 we are B Corp certified!

Want to make your pension more sustainable?

Discover what BeFrank can do for your organization. Ask your advisor or contact us. This can be done by telephone or e-mail. Our employees are ready to assist you.