A pension that suits you

Fair and sustainable
Transparent and hassle-free
Freedom to make your own choices

Why BeFrank?

We make honest investments and we’re open about the costs

The name says it all: we’re honest, open and sincere. We invest most of your pension capital in sustainable funds and have a carbon-neutral pension scheme. We’re also open about all of the costs. That way, you know where you stand.

We give you the freedom to make your own choices

Your pension is personal, and we give you choices. Employers decide which pension scheme suits their employees, while employees get to choose how their pension capital is invested. Whatever you decide, we make sure it stays responsible.

We’re committed to providing the best service

Our people are entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and committed. We have many years of experience, a lot of knowledge and a passion for pensions. We bring pensions closer. That’s our mission, every single day. With us, there’s no hold music – just human service.

Our clients

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Thanks to their drive, many years of experience and fervent passion for pensions, our employees are committed to raising pension awareness.

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