BeFrank: everything you need to know about our portals

At BeFrank, we organise almost everything online: from our processes to communication with your customer. Employers have their own BeFrank employer portal for these purposes. Their employees also have a personal pension page. What can they find there?

Personal pension page for employees

If your customer takes out a pension scheme with BeFrank, their employees will have their own pension account and a personal pension page showing up-to-date information on their pension accrual.

Notifying changes

Employees will also use their personal pension page to notify us of any changes regarding their risk profile and retirement date, for example. Employees can access their personal pension page on their computer or through our useful ‘My Pension’ app.

Employer portal for employers

Your customer will also have their own login environment: the employer portal. This portal contains all their employees’ pension information at a glance, including:

  • legal documents;
  • invoices;
  • BeFrank current account;
  • participants’ data;
  • pension communications.

Notifying changes

Employers notify us of any changes through the employer portal. They can make just one change or several changes in one go. These changes may concern their start or termination of employment, salary or period of employment.

Employers can download and view all invoices through the employer portal. It’s clear and well organised!

Dutch and English

Good to know: all information for employers and employees is available in Dutch and English.