How we invest your BeFrank pension contribution

At BeFrank, we invest your pension contribution. After all, in the long run, returns on investments are nearly always higher than for returns on savings. However, investing also involves risk, and not everyone likes that. That’s why, at BeFrank, you decide how much risk you are willing to take and how we invest your pension contribution.

Are you willing to take some level of risk or do you want more certainty? Which form of investment appeals to you? At BeFrank, we invest your pension contribution in a way that suits you. That way, you stay in control. 

To find out how investing works at BeFrank, watch this short video. Want to find out more? Read our investment brochure.

The choice is yours

Your employer chooses a standard form of investment and a risk profile for you and your colleagues. Initially, we invest your pension capital in line with that standard.

After that, you get to decide whether it’s right for you. You have four choices:

  1. Your form of investment: how do you want to invest your pension capital?
  2. Your investment risk: how much risk do you want to take?
  3. How much risk do you want to take as you get older?
  4. Your retirement age: which retirement age do you want to work towards?

Nothing is set in stone

Whatever choice you make now, you can change it as often as you like.

Something changed in your financial or personal situation?

Have another think about your investment choices. Are they still right for you? Or it is wise to take more or less risk at the moment?

When you complete the Profile Selector, you can check straight away which risk profile matches your situation. You can then tell us about any changes you want to make.

We limit the risk for your pension capital by using a broad spread of investments

We invest your pension capital throughout the world in numerous companies, sectors and investment categories (equities and bonds). This diversification limits the risks.

Whichever form of investment you choose, you can rest assured that we invest in honest companies.

We lower your risk as you get older

We invest your pension capital in a lifecycle, which means we match the investments to your age.

If you’re young, we want to get a lot of return from your investments. We will invest with slightly more risk. The closer you come to your retirement age, the less risk we take when we invest. In doing this, we create a balance between risk taking and achieving returns.

On average, we reduce the risk 12 years before your retirement date. However, this could be much earlier or later depending on your risk profile. Your personal pension page tells you when we will start reducing your risk.