Check your pension overview each year

Each year, you receive a Uniform Pension Statement (UPO). Your pension overview shows:

  • What your predicted pension benefits will be when you retire
  • What your partner and children will receive if you pass away
  • What you will receive if you become occupationally disabled
  • What costs BeFrank has charged
  • Your Factor A: important to know if you want to make extra savings for additional pension benefits

Check your pension overview

It is always a good idea to read through your pension overview. Make sure you check it extra carefully if something has changed regarding your salary or relationship status or if you are applying for a loan or mortgage. You will need your UPO.

Overview of the previous year

The UPO always relates to the previous year. You therefore received your 2022 pension overview in 2023. Your UPO then specifies your current position as of 31 December 2022. 

If you started working for your employer in January 2023, you received your first UPO from BeFrank in 2024.

We will send you a notification when your new UPO is ready for you. This is no later than September each year. You can find your UPO on your personal pension page