Having a baby: how does it affect your pension?

Having a baby will not affect your pension. If you are expecting to expand your family in the foreseeable future, it’s useful to know that many pension schemes automatically provide for an orphan’s pension. This page tells you more about it.

If you have children, they are often co-insured through an orphan’s pension. This is a benefit that children receive when one of their parents passes away.

Orphan’s pension

The amount of the orphan’s pension depends on your salary, the number of years you worked for your employer and your age. 

Children receive the orphan’s pension up to a set age, which is specified in your pension scheme. 

  • To find out which arrangements are in place for your children in case you pass away, please visit your personal pension page.

No need to register your children

Good to know: at BeFrank, you do not need to register your children for the orphan’s pension. That’s because we do not check whether there are any surviving dependants until you pass away. We call this the ‘undetermined partner system’.

Leaving your job?

Your employer has chosen to cover your risk of passing away. Once you leave your job, you are no longer insured for the partner’s and orphan’s pension.