Most asked questions

Pensions are quite complex and we can imagine that you have questions. We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.


Once you have enrolled an employee on the pension scheme, we will send the employee an introductory e-mail. The employee then needs to activate their personal pension page by logging in with DigiD. On their personal pension page, the employee can find the pension regulations, the administration agreement and more information about the pension scheme. The portal also contains the Pension 1-2-3, which explains in simple language what the pension scheme entails.

We will be happy to serve you again at some point in the future. We will contact you or your pension advisor roughly six months before your pension contract ends to discuss the options. If you would like information sooner, that’s no problem. Simply contact your account manager or pension coach.

At BeFrank, we conclude contracts with employers that have at least 25 employees. You can request a quote by sending an e-mail to

If your customer has fewer than 25 employees, we cannot send you a quote.

Your employer portal contains the invoices, itemised invoices, the legal documents (such as the pension regulations and administration agreement) and the participants overview.

The participants overview specifies the pensionable salary and pension contribution percentage of your employees.

If you want to make staff changes, you can also do this through your employer portal.

No, you don’t need to do that. We use the ‘undefined partner scheme’. This means that during the period of employment, the partner's and orphan's pension is insured, but the partner and children do not need to be registered in the system. At the time of your passing away or divorce, we will look up the partner and/or children in the Personal Records Database (BRP, formerly GBA). We will then contact any surviving dependants. Article 1 of the pension regulations specifies who is defined as a partner.

Your employees can contact us at any time by sending an e-mail to We are also available by telephone on 020 562 11 00 on business days between 8am and 6pm and through WhatsApp on 06 83 11 86 59.

You can notify us of any changes through the employer portal. It could concern new employees or employees who are leaving, for example. Or there could be changes to salaries or part-time percentages. The status report shows the status of your changes. If over 100 employees within your organisation participate in the BeFrank pension scheme and you have to submit a lot of changes, then you can connect your payroll system to our pension declaration system (UPA)This makes it easier for you to notify us of any changes. Changes are processed automatically.

Yes. At BeFrank, your customers can take out a net pension scheme with BeFrank for employees who earn more than € 137,800 per year (2024). These employees have the option to pay additional pension contributions from their net salary or take out additional insurance against the risk of their passing away and occupational disability. We offer several options. Please feel free to contact us for more information.