BeFrank pension schemes

If your customers have more than 25 employees, they can take out a pension scheme with BeFrank. This page tells you everything you – as an advisor – need to know.

At BeFrank, we offer a collective pension based on defined contribution schemes. We offer pension schemes under the Pension Act and under the Future of Pensions Act. You can request a quote by sending an e-mail to or ask your sales consultant.

We invest 100% of pension contributions

Employees accrue their own pension capital with the contributions that they pay together with their employer. No hidden costs are deducted from those contributions, so we invest 100% within our lifecycles. If your customer allows it, employees can also opt for Do It Yourself investing.

Risk reduction

The closer employees come to their retirement age, the less investment risks we take. It allows us to ensure more certainty about their pension.

Buying a pension

As employees approach their retirement date, they purchase their own pension from an insurer of their choice.

Want to find out more? We have listed all the features and options of our pension scheme (PDF).


Do your customers want to cover their employees’ risks? No problem! Our basic scheme includes occupational disability insurance as standard. This applies to all employees.

If one of your customer’s employees passes away, a surviving dependants’ pension can be very useful. Want to find out more? Read our page on insurance policies [3].

Net pension scheme

For employees whose salary is higher than €137,800 (2024) per year, a net pension scheme could be an option. In that case, the employee voluntarily accrues a net pension on the salary portion above €137,800 per year.

No tax in Box 3

The employer pays the premium on behalf of the employee out of the net salary. This allows employees to accrue assets in the second pension pillar. Pension accrual then falls under Box 1, so employees do not have to pay tax on the value of their net pension in Box 3.


If your employee opts for a net pension scheme, they can also opt for surviving dependants’ cover under the partner’s pension.

For more information about net pensions at BeFrank, watch the video below. Please note: in the video we speak of a salary higher than €100,000 per year. Over the years this has been increased to €137,800 (in 2024).