How to use your personal pension page

At BeFrank, you have real-time access to your pension information anytime, anywhere. One clear summary shows you how your investments are doing. You can also let us know about any important decisions you make through your personal pension page.

At BeFrank, we make your pension easy, clear and straightforward. Your personal pension page lists all your important pension matters. This information is always up to date.

What can you do on your personal pension page?

  • Keep an eye on your investments
  • View your expected pension benefits
  • Change your risk profile
  • Change your form of investment
  • Opt for DIY investing, if your employer offers this option
  • Make additional pension contributions, if your employer allows it
  • Change your retirement date
  • Find out how a major life event (e.g. passing away or becoming occupationally disabled) will affect your pension benefits
  • Transfer your previous pension funds to BeFrank (i.e. request a value transfer)

In short: through your personal pension page, you can make choices that affect your pension.

How can you find your personal pension page?

You can find your personal pension page in the ‘My Pension’ app or through your browser. You can download the app from the Apple Store or Play Store.

Make sure your computer or smartphone software is up to date so that your pension page works and all the information is displayed properly.

Furthermore, the latest version of the app is often more secure. Be sure to check that your browser and operating system are updated to the latest version on a regular basis. We make sure our software is as secure as possible.

You can visit your personal pension page and the app at any time. There, we explain everything you need to know about your pension as clearly as possible. We also need to make some arrangements, which we call the terms of use.