BeFrank’s Uniform Pension Declaration system: how it works

At BeFrank, you can link your payroll system to our pension administration system. That way, changes are processed automatically. This will save you time and work. How does the Uniform Pension Declaration (UPA) system work?

As an employer, you need to notify us of your employees’ changes on a regular basis. These changes concern raises, new employee details and period of employment. You can notify us of these changes in a few simple steps through the employer portal.

If you need to notify us of lots of changes, you can opt for a UPA link with BeFrank in some cases.

What is the UPA?

The UPA is the Uniform Pension Declaration, which you can use to link your payroll system to our pension administration system That way, your changes are processed automatically.

Why opt for a UPA?

  • Automatically linking your pension administration system and payroll system saves you time and work. Differences between your pension system and payroll system are a thing of the past, so we’ve made things easy for you.
  • The process is also less prone to errors
  • and your employees’ pension details remain up to date.

How does the UPA work?

  • Each pay period, you submit your employees’ Payroll Tax forms to the Tax and Customs Administration. You also attach your UPA and pension declaration, and send them at the same time as the Payroll Tax form. That way, you arrange everything in one go.
  • It is important that you provide your BeFrank product reference and submission details. The Tax and Customs Administration will then send a message to BeFrank.
  • Our partner, CGI, will receive all Uniform Pension Declarations and check the files on behalf of BeFrank. A few minutes later, you will receive a message saying that the pension declaration has been received.
  • CGI will forward the message back to BeFrank and add it to your administration. We will process the changes straight away, so you don’t need to notify us separately.

Our payroll packages

At BeFrank, we work with various payroll parties. If you use one of our salary packages, have more than 100 employees and make more than 15 changes per month, we can connect you to the Uniform Pension Declaration system.


Please feel free to contact us. Together, we will discuss options for connecting to the Uniform Pension Declaration system. Take a look at our step-by-step pension declaration plan.