Risk profile: how much risk are you willing to take?

Investing for your retirement comes with risks. Some people are more willing to take those risks than others. We understand that. That’s why, at BeFrank, you choose your own risk profile. After all, it’s your future that’s at stake.

At BeFrank, we invest your pension contribution according to a standard risk profile. Your employer selects that profile. You decide whether it suits you or whether you would prefer to adjust your investment risk. Your personal pension page shows you how your pension capital is being invested. You can choose a risk profile that suits you.

Choose from five risk profiles with BeFrank

Below, we briefly explain which type of person fits which profile.

1. Very defensive

  • If you prefer to take as little risk as possible with your pension capital, this profile is for you.
  • Your pension may increase slightly but may also decrease slightly.

2. Defensive

  • If you want to take a little more investment risk with your pension capital – but not too much – then a defensive investment profile is for you. 
  • Your pension may increase a little more but may also decrease a little more. 

3. Neutral

  • If you want to take neither too much nor too little risk, your profile is neutral.
  • Your pension may achieve average growth but may suffer average losses too.

4. Offensive

  • If you dare to take investment risks, you have an aggressive profile.
  • Your pension could achieve substantial growth but may also suffer substantial losses.

5. Very aggressive

  • If you want to take a lot of investment risk with your pension capital, you have a very aggressive profile.
  • Chances are your pension is growing fast, but it may also suffer high losses.

How to choose your risk profile

To find out what your risk profile is, you need to complete a questionnaire called the Profile Selector on your personal pension page. We then recommend a personal risk profile that matches your situation.

Nothing is set in stone

Whichever risk profile you choose, nothing is set in stone. You can always change your decision because your financial situation changes, for example. You can also notify us of any changes to your situation through your personal pension page.

Your pension, your choice

In addition to your risk profile, you can choose your form of investment. In doing so, you decide how we invest your pension capital. Whatever you decide, we guarantee responsible investments. Find out which personal choices you can make yourself.