Moving in with your partner and getting married

If you’ve decided to move in with your partner or get married, this will affect your pension. Below, we explain what to look out for when you move in with your partner, get married or have a registered partnership or cohabitation contract. 

Getting married 

When you get married, the person you marry will automatically become your pension partner. This will affect your pension accrual. It is therefore important that you agree on how to distribute your pension. Nobody wants to think about it, but you could get divorced unexpectedly.

Moving in with your partner or becoming registered partners

If you have been living with your partner for at least six months and you share a household, your partner is also your pension partner. The same applies if you have a cohabitation contract or registered partnership. This will affect your pension, so be sure to make proper agreements with each other about how your pension is distributed.

BeFrank will sort it out for you

If you are accruing pension through BeFrank, you don’t need to let us know who your partner is. If we need them, we will look up your partner’s details through the Dutch Personal Records Database (BRP). We will do this if you pass away unexpectedly, for example. We call this the ‘undetermined partner system’.