Relationship break-up: how does it affect your pension?

Your pension. It’s probably the last thing on your mind when you’ve just broken up with your partner. However, it will have a big impact on your pension. We explain why it’s important to think about it below.

Half of the pension you accrue during your relationship belongs to your ex-partner. This is regulated by law. You need to bear two important things in mind when your relationship has broken down:

  1. Your ex-partner is entitled to half of your accrued retirement pension
  2. Your ex-partner may also receive a special partner’s pension when you pass away.

You can make other arrangements

You can make other arrangements with your ex-partner in order to divide up the pension. Make sure you put this in writing. You can do this in advance, for example by including a clause in your prenuptial agreement. Alternatively, you can make agreements on this after you have broken up. Whatever you decide, make sure you get good advice.

Married or in a registered partnership?

If you have decided to break up, BeFrank will be informed about this by the Dutch Personal Records Database (BRP). We will then send you an e-mail asking for copies of the divorce agreement and Government Notification Form. This form is available at

Been living together with your partner?

If you have decided to break up, let us know how you want to divide the pension. If you have lived together for more than six months, the same rules apply as for a marriage or registered partnership.

Tell us about the agreements you have made

Are you accruing pension through BeFrank, or have you done so in the past? And did you make clear agreements about your pension with your ex-partner? If so, let us know which agreements you have made.

In order to process your agreements, we will need your divorce agreement and Government Notification Form. E-mail them to and we will put your agreements in our system. That way, your pension is taken care of – even after your divorce.

Make sure you notify us of your agreements within two years of your divorce date.

If we don’t hear from you, part of your pension will go to your ex-partner.

If you do not let us know which agreements you have made within two years after your divorce date, we will automatically reserve the special partner’s pension for your ex-partner. Your ex-partner will then be able to claim part of your retirement pension when you retire.