Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

BeFrank is subject to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) of the European Union. This regulation is intended to make more transparent how financial market participants integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities into their investment decisions. The SFDR introduces a classification system with new disclosure requirements for certain financial products. The introduction of the SFDR helps ensure that we communicate how we approach sustainability. Befrank supports this goal. The SFDR will ensure transparency through the provision of information on our website and in certain product documentation, enabling customers and other stakeholders to compare the ESG risks and SRI objectives of different products.

We will provide you with information about our approach to the SFDR and what we have done so far. You will read more about:

– Our policy on sustainability risks
– Adverse effects on sustainability
– How sustainability risks are taken into account in our remuneration policy
– How our financial products are classified according to the SFDR
– How the sustainability risks are integrated into our investment decisions
– How and where we promote ecological and/or social features

DIY Investing

DIY Investing consists of a selection of different investment funds. DIY Investing does not promote ecological and/or social characteristics. For the range of available funds as a whole, unfavorable effects on sustainability factors are not taken into account. You can choose to use investment funds with or without some form of ESG integration. More information about this is available per fund in the fund documentation.


The implementation of the SFDR is expected to last from 10 March 2021 to the end of 2022. This means that BeFrank will continue to add new information in the coming years. This information is based on the legal requirements laid down in the SFDR legislation at general level (level 1).BeFrank continues to follow the developments of the SFDR draft legislation at level 2. And will implement the SFDR Level 2 legislation as soon as it comes into force.

The information we provide is based on the information that is currently available. It also includes information we have received from third parties.