Pension for today’s employee

A pension that is ready for the future

The world is changing, the climate is changing, so what we care about is also changing. More and more people are making conscious choices. Including what kind of employer they want to work for. As an employer, you will therefore want to offer a pension that suits today’s employee. For a sustainable future.

Choices in sustainability

Your pension is a pot of money for later. But it is more than that. It is also a means by which you can achieve something. That is why we invest pension contributions responsibly. And you and your employees can choose an even more sustainable pension. Together, we will ensure a bright financial future in a healthy world.

Determine the impact yourself

In our pension schemes, we offer three forms of investment: Passive, Active and Sustainable (impact). Regardless of the form your organisation chooses, we invest in businesses that treat people and the environment fairly. For example, we do not invest in the tobacco industry. This way, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

The most sustainable choice

In the Sustainable Lifecycle, we only invest in companies, governments and organisations that have demonstrated their impact on the world. Triodos manages the investments, which have a positive impact on people and society. For example, investments are deliberately not made in companies involved in oil and gas extraction. This lifecycle has recently been improved on several fronts.

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Leading by example

In our view, a healthy financial future cannot exist without a healthy world. That is why sustainability is part of our products. We want to lead by example ourselves. We also keep our own footprint as small as possible. And we offset the CO2. We encourage travel by public transport, bicycle and electric means of transport. We also renovated our office in a circular way, reusing many materials.

Be Impactful

Find out what BeFrank can do for your organisation. Ask your advisor or contact us. You can call or email us. Our dedicated staff are ready to help you.