Sustainable investing: choice of three levels

BeFrank has three forms of investment: passive, active and sustainably responsible (impact) investing. Regardless of what form you choose as an employer, we will invest in businesses that treat people and the environment with fairness. And you and your employees will see that impact every year on your personal pension page.

Passive and Active

Our Active and Passive Lifecycles help create a more sustainable world. We exclude companies or countries engaged in undesirable activities such as tobacco, and the most harmful forms of the fossil industry. The same applies if they do not comply with national and international laws on child labour and human rights.

We also invest in environmentally friendly and sustainable projects, such as the expansion of Leaseplan’s electric vehicle fleet and making PostNL’s mail delivery more sustainable. 


The name says it all: our Sustainable Lifecycle is our most sustainable form of investment. In the Sustainable Lifecycle, we only invest in companies, governments and organisations with a proven impact on the world. We use funds managed by Triodos Investment Management, with investments that must have a positive impact on people and society. As a result, investments in some major sectors are consciously avoided. This is also known as ‘impact investing’.

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Encouraging and enforcing sustainable choices

Besides excluding undesirable companies and activities, we are also committed to ensuring that the companies we do invest in continue to make sustainable choices. We sometimes have to put pressure on companies to achieve this. Our asset managers do that by:

  • voting at shareholders’ meetings and in this way having a say in the company’s current and future policies;
  • holding companies accountable for their behaviour or activities. We also call this ‘engagement’.

Making a visible impact

The Sustainable Impact Dashboard on the personal pension page shows employees exactly what impact they are making through their pension contribution. Employers receive an annual summary of the impact they have made with their pension capital.

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