Sustainable Lifecycle renewed

A healthy financial future goes hand in hand with a healthy and fair world, we believe. This is why we have been offering a Sustainable Lifecycle since 2016. At the end of August, we will renew the main investment fund in this lifecycle: just as sustainable and with lower costs. Good news, therefore, if you accrue a sustainable pension with us through the Sustainable Lifecycle. And good news for anyone considering making a positive impact on the world with their pension.

Better pension benefits through lower costs

We are replacing the investments in the Triodos Global Equities Impact Fund with investments in the new First Class Sustainable Return Fund. In the new fund, Triodos Investment Management will remain the asset manager. The sustainable nature is preserved, while the management costs will be lower. This ultimately means a higher expected pension for all our participants who move to the new fund. Of course, the expected pension will also still depend on investment performance. 

Sustainability policy and diversification

To ensure that the new fund meets our wishes, it will be set up by Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) with Triodos Investment Management as the asset manager. This way, the underlying investments will continue to meet strict sustainability requirements. In the new fund, the diversification has been expanded to more companies. And only to organisations that contribute to a fair, green and social society.

What will participants notice of the change?

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits for the pension accrual, participants will not notice much of this transition. The new investment fund will replace the current investment fund. Investments will be converted to the new fund by the end of August, without any action being required from participants. The conversion will temporarily prevent participants in the Sustainable Lifecycle from making investment choices. After the transition, however, this will be possible again..

Want to make your pension scheme more sustainable as well?

Are you curious to know how you can make a positive impact with your pension scheme? Contact us, we will be happy to tell you all about it!

As an employee, you can also decide for yourself how you accrue your pension with us. Your personal pension pagetells you exactly how your form of investment affects your expected pension benefits and what impact you make with it on the world.