Keep your calm (even in times of stress)

18 November 2020


An impossible deadline, a washed-out holiday or a creative non-starter… sometimes literally nothing seems to be going our way. At those times, it’s good to maintain a sense of perspective and remember that these really aren’t disasters on a global scale.
Here are 5 thoughts to help you keep your cool even when you’re on the verge of a meltdown.

#1 Done something you regret? Shit happens!
The best way to deal with setbacks in a relaxed way is through self-confidence and by maintaining a sense of humour. If you’re content with yourself and your life, you don’t need to be perfect to feel valuable. In fact, if something does go wrong, you can joke about it.

#2 We have little control over our lives
The perfect job, your dream home, the perfect family… We are sometimes made to believe that we can achieve anything if only we try hard enough. But the truth is that we can never control all aspects of our lives, and sometimes things don’t go quite as planned or something unexpected happens.
As frustrating as this might be, sometimes we just need to take life as it comes.

#3 All roads lead to Rome
We tend to take the same approach to solving problems, but you’re more likely to achieve success if you think outside the box, the idea being that the same problem can be approached from different angles and there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. Just the knowledge alone that all roads lead to Rome is enough to fill you with hope.

#4 We all have our ‘off’ days
While we all have the capacity to put things into perspective, we sometimes forget how to. A major culprit is social media: just be aware that all those perfect images and messages you see on your timeline all day are a carefully ‘curated’ version of reality. The real reality is that we all have our bad days.

#5 Everything looks better after a good night’s sleep
Instead of obsessing over your problems, put them aside and get a good night’s rest. Sleep is not your brain going into ‘stand-by’ mode, but an active process in which your memory is consolidated and new neuron pathways are formed. One of those pathways might just give you exactly the perspective you need. In other words, if you sleep on it, the solutions will present themselves!

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