Who are we?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re BeFrank. We were founded in 2010 and we’re part of NN Group. Our people have many years of experience, a lot of knowledge and a passion for pensions. Who are we?

We are a Premium Pension Institution (PPI)

BeFrank is a Premium Pension Institution (PPI). This is a relatively new type of pension administrator, alongside insurance companies and pension funds. That means we manage pension schemes and accrue pension assets. However, we do not bear the risk ourselves and we do not pay out pensions.

We make pensions easier

Our mission is to make pensions more accessible. We are make sure pensions move with the times by making then simple and understandable. In a way that’s transparent and hassle-free.

We give employees control over their own pensions

At BeFrank, employees are given the freedom to make their own choices. We offer them the tools to do that, including an app. This allows them to influence their own pension capital. In the process, we hope to convince Dutch people that accruing an income for later is essential. After all, it affects your future.

We offer the best service

We value good working relationships with our customers. That’s why we’re easy to contact and our communication is transparent. We also respond quickly. Whether our customers contact us by e-mail or telephone, we speak to them in person. There’s no hold music – just human service.

We’re an honest organisation

We don’t do sustainable business ‘on the side’. It’s a key part of our strategy. This means we invest pension capital as sustainably as possible. Did you know you can also compensate the CO2 emissions of the investments? This is how we do our bit for a liveable planet for all. Find out more.

Our culture

The name says it all: we’re honest, open and sincere. For us, sustainable business is about more than sustainable operations. It’s also about how we treat our customers, because making customers happy is what drives us. We do that by communicating clearly at all times. Find out more about our culture.