Five tips to help you relax more

15 November 2021


The days are getting shorter, your winter coat is slowly coming out and the new measures mean that we will be spending more time at home. The week of 15-19 November is all about work stress. Even in these times, it is important to manage work stress. Do you feel the pressure rising? Read our five tips for relaxing more.

  1. Plan an evening for yourself

Take out your diary and schedule an evening just for you. Read the book that has been on your to-do list for a long time, take a bath, join a boot camp class or cook your favourite meal, and sit back and watch a good film. Put your phone away and enjoy your evening.

  1. Relaxing in the open air

It’s getting colder, but don’t let it stop you from going outside regularly. Fresh air and exercise are extremely important for your brain. Go for a daily walk in the park or a long walk in the woods or on the beach.

  1. To the sauna

The sauna relaxes your mind and body. Not only does it provide the ultimate zen moment, but going to the sauna is also incredibly good for you. It gives you radiant skin, improves your breathing and gives you a strong immune system. We can use that in the winter. Enjoy the day or go in the evening when it is already dark outside.

  1. Get away from it all on a city trip

Want to fully recharge in just three or four days? Book a city trip! Be away from your daily routine, enjoy a change of scenery. Have fun in your own country or take a look across the border. And really fun: The Christmas markets are almost here again!

  1. Listen to music

Withdraw for a moment and put on some quiet music. Listening to music has a positive influence on your brain. Songs with 60-80 beats per minute will make you feel completely relaxed. So curl up on the sofa, take a bath or go for a walk with music on.

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