Employers and participants still satisfied

3 July 2024


Once again this year, we asked employers and participants about their satisfaction with our services. Employers gave us a 7.9 and participants rated us a 7.4. We are proud that both employers and participants are still very satisfied with BeFrank!

Overall satisfaction has been stable and positive for quite some years in a row now. There is a high level of trust in BeFrank and the image BeFrank has among employers and participants is positive. This is mainly due to clear communication and user-friendly portals.

“BeFrank is transparent. The app clearly shows how my pension is doing.”

Customer-oriented and clear

Participants are still very satisfied with the quality of the service. The customer focus and knowledge of BeFrank’s employees and the clarity of answers and follow-up steps contribute to this satisfaction. Employers are even more satisfied about their contact with BeFrank than last year.

Positive about choices

Eight out of ten participants are positive about the possibility of choosing a type of investment form and determining their investment risk. Almost half have opted for a different type of investment. Those who filled in a risk profile are even more positive about BeFrank. We see the fact that participants who make choices or use the app are more satisfied reflected in our surveys more and more.

Newsletter increasingly well-known

In general, participants feel that the information sent is still very well organised and relevant. Awareness of the newsletter is increasing and in 2024 the majority of participants (78%) will have insight into their pension situation. We are naturally aiming for 100%, so we remain committed to encouraging people to look at their pension.

“Clearly explained in easily understandable language.”

App and pension page most appreciated

For almost half of the participants, the website ( is a source of information, but the personal pension page is the most frequently viewed. Participants are still the most satisfied with the Pension App and the personal pension page. Employers are still satisfied with the employer portal and the options offered by the portal.

Investment information

About three quarters of participants are positive about BeFrank’s sustainable investment strategy, and the same applies to employers. More and more people are finding this an important topic. The Investment Update video introduced last year is also much appreciated.

Opportunities for improvement in communication

When it comes to participants, there are opportunities in the area of even more segmented communication so that all age groups feel heard. Last year, we organised a webinar on the route to retirement for over-55s. This year, we want to develop a separate newsletter for this group. We are also sending out a mailing to young people, in which we call on them to fill in the new Profile Selector in order to determine their investment risk.

As simple as ever

Most employers still experience that BeFrank makes pensions simpler. The website, mobile app and the clear use of language help make pensions simpler, according to employers.

“Accessible language. High-quality portal for employees. Is consulted by more than 80% of employees.”

Sufficient information for employers

Most employers currently have sufficient information to inform their employees about their pension. The combination of online tools and information sessions in particular helps employers inform their employees. Employers are also satisfied with the information provided by BeFrank to participants.

The new Pensions Act

The vast majority of customers have seen, heard or read something from BeFrank about the new Pensions Act. More than three quarters of employers are already considering switching to a scheme under the new Pensions Act. This is less common among participants: three quarters have heard about it, but half of them don’t know much about it. Most employers indicate that they wish to continue receiving information about this. This is, of course, a hot-button topic on which we will continue to inform employers and participants through the newsletter and on