Discover padel

31 March 2022


You can stay in shape with regular exercise. And you will keep it up for longer if you’re doing something you enjoy. That is why we would like to introduce you to different sports. Like padel: a relatively new racket sport that has recently conquered our country. We’re fans already!

What is padel?
Padel is a racket sport that can best be described as a combination of tennis and squash. With padel you play with four players facing one other in a large cage with glass back walls. The court – which resembles a tennis court – is separated by a net. During the game you must hit the ball over the net with your racket. You can use the glass walls and caging for this.

Where does padel come from?
Padel is relatively new to the Netherlands, but it dates back many years. The sport originated in Mexico, in the city of Acapulco, in the 1960s. This city was home to businessman Enrique Corcuera. He wanted to build a tennis court at home, but didn’t have quite enough space. So he decided to modify the court and invent a similar sport himself: padel. The sport soon spread to Spain, and the first European padel club was established in 1974. However, it was not until 2010 that we saw the first padel court in the Netherlands. Padel is currently the fastest growing sport in our country. There have even been a couple of national padel championships. Fun fact: former footballer Arjen Robben once took part.

What are the rules?
The rules of padel are similar to those of tennis. But what makes padel different is that you serve underhand and that you can play the ball no higher than your navel. The ball must also bounce once before you return it. Aside from that, you can use all the walls as often as you like. By doing this in a smart way, you make it impossible for the opponent to return the ball. This earns you points. The scoring works the same way as in tennis, and you win a padel match if you win two sets.

Why is padel so popular?
The great thing about padel – or padelling, as insiders call it – is that anyone can learn it. Many players see padel as more dynamic and tactical than tennis. In a tennis doubles match you also play with four players, but you do not always get to touch the ball. With padel, you are always busy. And last but not least: you play it outdoors (although it can nowadays also be played indoors in many places). Good for some fresh air and staying in shape!

What do you need for padel?
You don’t need much to start with this sport. You start with padel shoes or tennis shoes and sportwear. You then play the game with a padel racket and a padel ball. The ball is smaller and more compact than a tennis ball, so it bounces less. The racket has holes and comes in different shapes. The shape you choose depends on your level. For example, novice padellers use a round racket, while advanced players use a diamond-shaped one. This means that the game can be played at any level.

Fancy giving padel a try? Good news: more and more tennis clubs are opening padel courts. So gather three friends, family members or colleagues and play your first rally. Game, set, match!

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