Clear communication ensures high customer satisfaction

5 July 2023


In March, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey among employers and participants about our services. Employers gave us an 8.0 and participants rated us 7.5. We are extremely proud of this score and of the fact that our customers are still very satisfied with BeFrank!

Participants continue to be very satisfied with BeFrank. The bond they feel has even increased since the previous survey in 2022. This is reflected in a higher score (7.3 in 2022) and an increase in participants who would also choose BeFrank in the event of a free choice. BeFrank thus continues to succeed in making pensions transparent and simple(r) for most participants. Clear information and the many choices are positive aspects that stand out for participants. Transparent and honest communication also ensures a high degree of confidence in BeFrank.

Older participants

The main opportunities for improvement are in personal and proactive communication and in continuing to appeal to all age groups. This area of improvement also emerged in 2022. In response, an activation campaign was developed last year specifically for young people. The retirement process has also been improved. The participant is taken through this step by step on their personal pension page. This year we will set up a campaign or mailing specifically for older participants. We hope that these improvements will take our service to an even higher level. And naturally we remain committed to bringing pensions close to all our participants.

User-friendly portal

Employers are generally very satisfied, and bonding with BeFrank also remains good. The accessible, clear communication and information also contributes to the positive image employers have of BeFrank. Transparency and insight into investments therefore also create trust. The user-friendliness of the employer portal plays an important role for employers. Contact with the pension coach or account manager also continues to be quite important. Employers are very appreciative of their contact person’s expertise, client focus and clarity.

The new Pensions Act

Many employers like to see BeFrank as a sparring partner to help them handle their pension matters and inform their employees. This year we’ve already shared a lot of information about the new pension law and we will continue to do so. To provide insight into the details of a new pension scheme under the new pension law, we launched the BeFrank Selection Tool last year. This year we developed the Survivor’s Pension Assistance. In it we provide participants with step-by-step guidance in making choices for the surviving dependants’ pension and make the choices personal. The survey also found that employers like their employees to be well informed. To make the new pension law understandable to participants as well, we are also creating communication tools for this, such as a video and an FAQ. These are now being developed and we expect to have them live this month.


Furthermore, some employers indicated that the sustainable nature of BeFrank is well known, but that the sustainable solutions could be communicated even more. We will continue to work on this in the fall.

We are constantly improving our services

The insights from this survey, as well as interim feedback, help us to constantly improve our services. If you would like to tell us something, we want to hear from you!