7 Reasons to Hit the Gym

28 February 2023


Sure, you’ve had a busy day at the office. Then you were stuck in traffic for hours on the way home, and now you’re knackered. On top of that, it’s lashing rain outside, and you don’t want to miss your favourite TV show tonight. Are there any other cop-outs you’d like to add? We’re sure there are plenty more you can think of, but resistance, as they say, is futile! These 7 reasons will have you heading over to that gym in no time – rain or shine, and whether or not you’re in the mood!

1. You will feel like a whole new person after your workout. Your serotonin and dopamine levels will be up, making you feel joyful, happy and content as you hit the showers afterwards. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a central role in regulating emotions such as joy, pleasure and wellbeing. High dopamine levels improve our mood, make us feel cheerful and positive, and can even boost brainpower.

2. Studies show that exercise improves your working life. One of the reasons is that, while getting your daily or weekly workout, you’re more likely to develop fresh, innovative ideas and insights. So what are you waiting for – get active!

3. Levels of work-related burnout in the Netherlands have skyrocketed in recent years. Exercise is an antidote to burnout, as it helps you get rid of the stress you have built up during the day. If your stress levels are off the charts and your body is working much harder than is healthy for you, you need to get it to relax first. Slow down and give your body the rest it needs. During exercise your body produces endorphins, which reduces stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol in the body. Exercise will help you reduce the sense of restlessness in your body and mind. ‘Sjogging’ (between jogging and walking) is a particularly effective form of exercise, preferably if you do it outdoors. This will make it a lot easier for you to bounce back during recovery.

4. Getting an exercise buddy will help you get out of the house. Exercise is a lot more fun when there are two of you, and it also has a motivational effect. Find a friend who will join you, so you can support and inspire each other. You can also arrange for a personal trainer to come to your workplace (hire one together with a group of colleagues), so you’ll be all done by the time you leave work in the afternoon.

5. Research that has emerged in recent years reveals that getting proper sleep is the key to a healthy life – and healthy ageing. Good news: exercise helps us to sleep better and more deeply. If you’ve been physically active during the day, your sleep will improve, and if you sleep well it will take your body less time to recover. Sleep and physical activity work in sync with each other. Just think of a ski trip: you’re out there on the slopes and fresh air all day and are in bed by 9 PM every night, sleeping like a log. The more active you are during day, the better the quality of your sleep at night.

6. French scientists have discovered that exercise boosts your memory, attention span and ability to focus – most likely thanks to improved blood circulation.

7. Incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. If you stick to a regular workout schedule – say, by hitting the gym the same day(s) every week – it will become part of your routine, and you won’t be fighting with yourself each time. Finally: the earlier you start adopting a healthy lifestyle, the better and fitter you will feel as you age. It’s the only guarantee for a fit and active retirement!

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