The wonderful world we call wellness

14 September 2017


Deep massages, skin caring scrubs and purifying saunas. It sounds relaxing and healthy, but what does a visit to a wellness really do for you? The three most popular components reviewed.

For ages and in several cultures, the sauna is being used to harden the body and to increase its health. It cleanses the body from toxins, keeps the blood vessels elastic, relaxes the muscles, boosts your immunity and refreshes your water reserves. That is if you use the sauna accordingly, because randomly walking in and out of saunas without a proper cool down in between may have an opposite effect. A good way to use the sauna is by taking a shower first, then take a warm foot bath, after this enter the sauna and finally cool off by taking an ice cold shower or dive into an icy cold pool.

Scrubbing feels good because you are taking away all of the dead skin cells. The body replaces the old skin cells with new ones, revealing a skin that is soft and glowing. It is a good way to eliminate impurities and to prevent ingrowing hairs. Unlike what many people think, it is not a remedy against wrinkles or skin aging.

Although there was never an unambiguous scientific research to prove it, professionals in the healthcare sector agree that massages are a good way to relax the muscles and remove toxins out of the body. However, a massage is not a solution for every physical problem. For athletes and sportsmen, massages can be supportive, but if you’re not affected by any physical trouble, a massage is mostly just relaxing.

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