Want to keep that holiday feeling? Three trips back to your holiday country

4 April 2018


You’ve unpacked the suitcases, done the laundry and updated the photo album. Yep, you’re back from holiday. Feeling homesick for the Spanish costas, French villages or Italian cuisine? Here are some tips for keeping that holiday feeling longer.

Salsa: si si!
Anybody who has visited Spain has vivid memories of great salsa music and, of course, salsa dancing in squares and bars. You can obviously compile a swinging salsa playlist when you get back home. But how about taking a salsa course? While there are special salsa dance schools, community centres also often offer salsa courses. It’s great exercise and brings wonderful holiday memories to life at the same time. Another bonus: the next time you’re in Spain you can put your salsa moves into practice pronto. Muy bien!

French national sport
Drive into an average French village and the first thing you’ll see is a group of old men passionately playing boules, which is officially called pétanque. There are fortunately more and more boules courts in parks and playgrounds in the Netherlands. It’s a nice change from your run-of-the-mill walk around the block after dinner and with a bit of luck you’ll run into some of your neighbours. If you want to play by the book: here are the game rules. Don’t have a boules court in your neighbourhood? Gravel paths or grass lawns are also suitable for a game of boules.

Hasta la pasta
Italy and pasta go together. Did you savour some great Italian food while you were on holiday? Making your own pasta is the best way to recreate those superb Italian culinary delights in your own kitchen. Spaghetti, tagliatelle, ravioli and tortellini. It tastes nearly as good as in Bella Italia when you make it fresh. Difficult? Not really. This video teaches you step by step how to make authentic pasta. Mama mia!

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