Train passengers dance to get fit on National BeFit Day

8 September 2022


Utrecht Central Station is seeing more movement than ever before today. The reason is that a special pop-up dance floor has been set up for National BeFit Day in the hall of the Netherlands’ largest railway station. Choreographer Juvat Westendorp invites everyone to come and dance with him. Online pension administrator BeFrank has previously declared the second Thursday of September as National BeFit Day, with the aim of literally getting people moving.

As in the previous edition, BeFrank draws attention to both physical and financial fitness. That way, people can retire feeling fit and be able to continue doing the things they enjoy. Whereas on the first National BeFit Day, people jumped rope en masse, today the focus is on dancing. Passers-by can let their hair down with a silent disco and a dance workshop by Juvat Westendorp.

Low-key introduction
In addition to the aforementioned physical exercise, financial fitness is another topic for discussion on this day. Many people find retirement far away and not all that interesting. BeFrank wants to change this. “After all, it’s your income for later and one of the most important financial matters in your life,” says Jan Hein Rhebergen, managing director of BeFrank. “With this campaign, we want to bring attention to pensions in a fun way and encourage people to take a look at their pensions. To keep the first step accessible, we have chosen this pop-up stage, where our pension experts are happy to help people along.”

Fit for retirement
BeFrank has been working to create fit participants for a long time. The pension administrator uses BeFit to inspire the Dutch people with interesting articles about nutrition, exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle. All people joining in today will receive an energy bar and sweatband. A QR code takes them to, where they can find a handy checklist that lets people see online what they can do to ensure a fit retirement.

Multitalented Juvat Westendorp
Juvat Westendorp (33) started out as a dancer, with his breakthrough being the TV programme So You Think You Can Dance. In short, he is the perfect host to take the stage at the National BeFit Day. But Juvat is also known as an actor in the soap operas Malaika and Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, and for playing the lead role in the film Poort der Zielen. He also works as a presenter and choreographer.