Top-4 Nutrition trends of 2018

31 January 2018


Last year we were hooked on poke bowls, avocados and forgotten veggies. This year again, we are all about healthy food, but we will take a slightly different approach. This is the top-4 of the nutrion trends in 2018.

#1 Plant-based food
An increasing number of Dutch people will switch from a diet with meat, fish and dairy products to full or partial vegetable nutrition. Think: more often a vegetable burger, almond milk instead of cow’s milk and lots of vegetables.

#2 Turmeric
Superfoods make way for super powders. And this is the most popular: turmeric, a spice from the Indian kitchen that keeps your digestive system healthy, prevents inflammation and helps to keep your blood vessels clean.

#3 Seaweed
Sushi remains as popular as ever, but gets competition from something that was previously seen as a Japanese side dish: wakame salad aka seaweed. Packed with proteins, tasty, low-calorie and multi-use.

#4 Edible flowers
They have been a commodity in fancy restaurants for a while, but this year, everybody will be able to enjoy them: edible flowers. Think of elderflower, hibiscus and rose petals. There is more to them than just beauty, they are also full of useful antioxidants.

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