Top-10 best wellness destinations

14 September 2017


After hectic times at work comes a time to unwind. A transition of the outside world to the inside world. From chaos to silence and peace and quiet. Where to do this better than in a wellness resort? Discover our 10 favorites!

Fort Resort Beemster in Zuidoostbeemster
In a historical house in Northern-Dutch Beemsterpolder. Not too crowded or big, so you don’t get lost.

Spa Sereen in Maarssen
Beautifully designed building at the Maarsseveense Plassen. The outside sauna’s and the view to the herbal tubs; Everything is right at this location.

Akasha Spa Amsterdam
This neat, clean and luxurious resort is part of the beautiful conservatorium hotel. A place of peace and quiet in our capital.

Veluwse Bron in Emst
Peace and quiet, space and privacy are the key ingredients of de Veluwse Bron. You will find a great amount of saunas, tubs and other wellness facilities.

Thermen Bussloo in Voorst
Find Thermen Bussloo at a quiet recreational lake. With its own hotel and posibilities to combine the sauna, yoga and detox it is a place to cherish.

Spa Devarana in Den Bosch
An undiscovered jewel, not a lot of people know of this place. Situated at a A-location in Den Bosch furnished with beautiful eastern details.

Sauna Ishidoro in Holten
This sauna resort has been recently opened and offers the possibility to relax on 250 m2 with only people you have selected yourself. Talking about privacy!

Spa Gouda in Gouda
A small set up wellness resort. Here you get the best hammam massages of the Netherlands. They also serve delicious dishes in the restaurant.

Sanadome in Nijmegen
Enjoying the outdoors in a wooded garden with a thermal tub outside or a relaxing treatment inside.

Spa Zuiver Amsterdam
From a Scandinavian sauna, hair sauna or Roman caldarium. You will find it all at Spa Zuiver.

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