Through thick and thin

14 September 2017


From super skinny, slim, or normal to chubby, voluptuous and obese. There are multiple names for people who are either thick or thin. But what do we really know about losing weight, overweight, putting on weight and dieting? 10 surprising facts and figures.

1. In 2015, half of the Dutch population was overweight.
2. In the eighties this was only a quarter of the population.
3. One in three Dutchies of 18 years and over has ever followed a diet to lose weight.
4. To prevent a yoyo-effect from happening to your body, it is smart to lose not more than 0.5 Kilogram per week.
5. In the morning your scale will show 1 or 1.5 Kilograms less than in the evening. This is because of the weight of the food and drink intake during the day.
6. Obesity costs around 1600 billion euros annually, worldwide.
7. For years, scientists have experimented with injecting people who are obese with liraglutide, a substance that influences the feeling of hunger.
8. At this moment, around 2 billion people, alias 30 percent of the world population is either too heavy or obese.
9. More than 100.000 Dutch girls aged between 12 and 18 year have an eating disorder. Every year another 1300 young girls get anorexia.
10. People who say they have heavy bones talk nonsense. Your bones are never heavier than 2 Kilograms of your entire weight.

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