These are the sports trends for 2024

8 January 2024


A new year isn’t complete without new year’s resolutions. One of the most commonly heard resolutions for 2024 is ‘exercise more often’. Do you also want to exercise more as well? Get inspired by the sports trends for this year.

New year’s resolutions

A new year means a fresh start for many people. Healthier living is the number one priority, and getting more exercise is an important part of this. Logical too, because exercise is very good for you. Research shows that exercising makes you feel happy, experience less stress and even sleep better. This has all kinds of health benefits.

Try something new

But are you already looking forward to starting running again? Then try something completely new. A sport that energises you boosts your motivation. Could you use some inspiration when coming up with a new activity? If so, you might try the following sports trends:

1. Exercising in the dark
The lights are going out at more and more sports venues. Literally, as sports in the dark are gaining popularity. Whether it’s a yoga class by candlelight or a high-intensity workout with loud music and a few subtle neon lights: exercising in the dark has many benefits. It immediately puts you in a good mood AND keeps you fully focused on yourself. When you exercise in the dark, you feel completely free. 

2. Forest bathing
Forest bathing is an activity whose main purpose is to unwind. The idea is that you seek nature in order to recharge. It lowers stress, improves your mood and helps strengthen your immune system. Forest bathing can be done by engaging in a sport such as trail running or nature swimming, for example. Do you prefer to take it a little easier? Then walking is just as appropriate.

3. Exergaming
A combination of exercise and gaming. The name says it all: exergaming is sports with a game element. The aim of exergaming is to encourage people to move while playing a game, for example with a game console such as the Wii or PlayStation. Instead of hanging out on the couch, gaming becomes an active and healthy experience. Notorious gamers in particular take advantage of this.

4. Playing sports together
During the pandemic outdoor sports were popular, especially with friends. Even in 2024, we see people continuing to meet outside, often in combination with a physical activity. Weekends away with friends and family gatherings are also increasingly taking on an active component. One reason for this is that healthy living is increasingly higher on the agenda. It’s enjoyable and good for your well-being.

5. Cycling
We hear you thinking: cycling, that’s not a trend at all, is it? But nothing could be further from the truth. Since the pandemic, cycling has taken off even more in the Netherlands. Figures from the Dutch Cycling Union show that some 87,000 people have started cycling. Bicycle racing and mountain biking are particularly popular. The advantage of cycling is that you can start right away and you can do it almost anywhere in the Netherlands. Just get on your bike and go! 

6. Pickleball
Would you rather try something really new? Then delve into pickleball. This racket sport comes from America and what’s popular there often conquers the market here too. Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It’s a team sport with plenty of room for social interaction and which you can pick up fairly quickly. In the Netherlands, there are now around 30 locations where you can play pickleball and the number of players is growing rapidly. So we expect to hear a lot about this sport this year.

So in 2024, there are plenty of opportunities to start exercising (again) or move a bit more. Above all, you should choose an activity that suits you. This way you’ll keep your new year’s resolution longer.

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