Pension advice

At BeFrank, we do not give pension advice. If you would like advice, our partner Apple Tree will be happy to help. You can also use your own financial advisor.

Calculate your expected pension straight away

We work with Apple Tree, an independent advisor. Apple Tree offers appropriate pension advice and can help with all your questions.

Your personal pension page has a useful tool provided by Apple Tree, which you can use to request fictitious quotes. This enables you to view your expected pension benefits quickly and easily. There is also a list of insurance companies that can pay your pension each month. You will be able to see how much your monthly benefit will approximately amount to with the various insurance companies.

How to request a quote

Roughly seven months before your retirement date, you will receive an e-mail from BeFrank explaining how your retirement works. We will also give you an estimate of the amount of your pension capital as of your retirement date. You can use this information to request quotes from insurance companies in a few simple steps. These quotes often have a limited validity period.

Roughly one month before your retirement date, you will receive an e-mail from BeFrank specifying the amount of your pension capital on that day. You then have a month to decide which insurance company you want to purchase your pension from.

Arranging your own financial advisor

Got questions about your pension? You can always turn to a financial advisor. We will be happy to help you find a certified pension advisor.

NB: your employer may have already selected a financial advisor. Check this with your employer.