The power of breathing

18 September 2017


Breathing seems so easy, something you do without thinking. But often, we breathe too hard and too deep, and we think that breathing in is more important than breathing out. That’s a mistake, because by focusing on your breathing you can reduce fear and stress and learn to relax more quickly.

Breathing is a vital function that is directly connected with our state of mind. In case of a sudden shock, you will take a deep breath to gather your strength. If you are anxious, you will start taking shallow, slow breaths. And when you’re angry, you’ll breathe to prepare for an explosive exhale through flared nostrils. But because the system is connected, the same applies in reverse: if you control the way you breathe, your body will get a feedback signal from your brain to calm down or, conversely, to get worked up.

Remedy against illnesses
When your breathing is calm and relaxed, your body will stay in a relaxed state. If your breathing is fast and tense, your body will think that there is something wrong! In your breathing lies the key to adjusting your mood and your workflow. Proper breathing gives you energy, rest, self-confidence and security. It helps you relax more easily, and it is the first remedy against all manner of illnesses and conditions. Understanding how to breathe can open up a whole new world.

More isn’t always better
A respiration rate of six to eight breaths a minute is enough, but most people breathe faster. And that leads to fatigue, agitation and restlessness, all feelings that in turn tend to make you breathe even faster and more often. It’s a vicious cycle. Try breathing more calmly and less deep to take the stress out of an overburdened body. This will give you relaxation and energy. Even a simple exercise will often do wonders: breathe in through your nose, exhale deeply through your nose, and pause between each breath.

Better breathing is a matter of practice. Nothing particularly complicated, but it does require a certain amount of discipline to introduce your new way of breathing to your system. Try to spend some time every day on breathing mindfully, and before you go to sleep take ten minutes to focus solely on your breathing. If you succeed in getting your breathing under control, you will notice the effects in all aspects of your physical and mental state. The more calmly you breathe, the more relaxed you will be, and the healthier you will be when you get to retirement day.

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