The impact of the war in Ukraine on financial markets

6 April 2022


Recently, war broke out in Ukraine, with great consequences for many people. We regret the developments and sympathise with those affected. Does this also have an impact on pension investments? Let us explain.

Developments in the financial markets
The war in Ukraine is causing global turmoil in financial markets. It is good to know that BeFrank has a robust balance sheet with a strong capital position and that we invest pension capital very widely spread, worldwide and across various investment categories. We also apply an automatic risk reduction as the retirement age approaches.

Investments in countries involved in war
We invest your pension accrual. The war in Ukraine with all its consequences also affects the financial world. We are keeping a close eye on this situation. We have mapped out the investments in the countries involved in the war. These investments are very limited in the Passive and Active Lifecycles and are reduced where possible. In the Sustainable Lifecycle, there is no exposure to the countries directly involved in the war.

Fluctuations are part of investing
Stock market fluctuations are not uncommon – they are part and parcel of investing. It is important to bear in mind that we invest for pension accrual and therefore for the long term. BeFrank’s investment principles have been designed for both good and bad times.

Are you accruing pension with BeFrank?
And are you worried about the development of your pension investments? Fill in the Profile Selector again and adjust your risk profile if necessary.

Are you about to retire?
When you are nearing retirement, you are in the risk reduction phase of the lifecycle. The investments in Ukraine will have a limited impact in that case. If you’re going to be retiring within a year and want to incur less risk, you have several options.