The delicious BeFrank smoothie

6 November 2017


Easy + healthy + jummy. Selfmade smoothies have it all. Cut up some vegetables and fruit, put it in the blender and there you go: a big part of your daily dose of vitamins and minerals is in the pocket. A glass full of health that is also incredibly tasty, this gave us the idea to create the BeFrank smoothie. After the necessary testing and tasting, we have picked a winner. Here’s some good news: you can make it too!

Fresh & full of iron
The BeFrank smoothie is fresh and full of irony. And that’s not ironic. The spinach is rich in iron and vitamin A, this is great for a healthy looking, glowing skin. The coconut milk gives it a fresh taste and contains many vitamins (C, E and B) and minerals (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron). Combined with banana, you can hardly taste the spinach. Finally, the many fibers and the starch in the banana gives you a saturated feeling.

Allergies? The BeFrank smoothie is gluten, lactose, peanut and nut free, but may contain traces of it.

Recipe for 5 to 6 BeFrank smoothies
100 grams of spinach (fresh)
100 grams of mango
6 grams of mint
500 ml Alpro coconut drink (no Asian canned coconut milk because of the high level of fat)
250 ml orange juice
2 ripe bananas

1. Wash the spinach thoroughly in cold water.
2. Peal the bananas and mango and cut them into little pieces
3. Pick the mint leaves of the stem
4. Put the cut up fruit, the picked mint, the orange juice and the coconut drink in the blender.
5. Mix for about 3 minutes until a green mass is formed.
6. Pour the smoothies in glasses and enjoy this delicious BeFrank smoothie.

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