Sustainability impact figures

At BeFrank, we believe in fair pensions. Where a healthy financial future goes hand in hand with a healthy world. That is why we invest pension capital in businesses that treat people and the environment with respect. And we offer the possibility to offset the CO2 emissions from investments. We also keep our own footprint as small as possible

We are happy to explain how we calculate your sustainability impact. Check your employer portal to see what the  sustainability impact is of your pension scheme.

How do we calculate your sustainability impact?

Investment funds ensure that they invest sustainably in various ways. This varies from somewhat sustainable to very sustainable. We look at a number of factors to determine how sustainable a fund invests.

CO2, water and waste

We request data about CO2 emissions, water and waste savings from our investment funds, as well as the benchmark of those funds. The benchmark does not take sustainability criteria into account.

We compare the data from the sustainable fund and the benchmark. This gives us insight into the difference of CO2 emissions and the water and waste savings between the sustainable and non-sustainable funds.

Good to know

The impact on sustainability is not only determined on the basis of CO2 emissions, water and waste savings. It is also determined by the exclusion of certain sectors or companies.

The sustainability impact figures reflect the average for 2023.