Which sport suits you best?

14 September 2017


Every year it scores high on the list of new year’s resolutions, together with ‘quit smoking’ and ‘lose weight’: ‘work out more’. Are you looking for something new or just some inspiration? Here are five motivating tips.

In no-time in the best shape of your life. This is the promise of High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). With this program you have short, high intense training that you alternate with short breaks. The total length of one HITT training takes around 30 minutes.
2. Power Training
Thanks to the many #fitgirls and #fitboys on Instagram, many dream of having a strong and tight body, including a sixpack. Who wants to come close to this ideal should do powertraining with weights.
3. Training without equipment
Working on your health at any place and on anytime of the day, without equipment or complicated apps. You can do it by doing bodyweight exercises: exercises where you use only the weight of your body as counterweight.
4. Wearables
This will be the year of the ‘wearables’ a.k.a. high tech gear that helps you work out more efficient and challenging. Such as smartwatches, GPS-Trackers, heart rate monitors and activity trackers.
5. Personal trainer
For many people, a personal trainer is the key to a fit body. Not only does a personal trainer function as a motivator, he also helps you reach your goals faster.

How financially fit are you?
Besides a healthy life, you want a healthy pension. By staying aware of the pension market and react to it in a flexible way, we keep your pension in top condition. Do you already have a pension scheme with BeFrank? Then you can see how your pension is doing on your Personal Pension page. Here you will also find the most important updates. Do you not have a pension scheme with BeFrank yet? Ask your employer about the possibilities.