Pension communications and chatbot

19 May 2017


It’s a widespread phenomenon these days: the use of chatbots and virtual assistants to provide customers with even better service. This new trend has spiked the interest of companies across the world. Will 2017 be the year of the chatbot in the Netherlands?

These past years have been huge for advancements in artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning. Thanks to these developments, companies are better able to respond to questions that customers ask chatbots.

Innovative communication
Since the establishment of BeFrank, clear pension communications have become part of our DNA. We are constantly looking for new possibilities to make pensions more understandable and interesting. That’s why we have entered into a partnership with Capital On Stage to collaborate on Delta Lloyd’s innovation programme LLEF! Capital On Stage is a series of global events that connects companies to startups or scaleups. This is where we came into contact with Quriobot. We wanted to introduce a chatbot to compliment our pension communications service. In Quriobot we found a partner who can help us with that.

Different types of chatbots
There are two types of chatbot: those that operate on machine learning (conversational chatbots) and those who operate based around a set of rules (scripted chatbots). Scripted chatbots are the most common. They include button options to guide users through a pre-determined conversation. Conversational chatbots pull their responses from an algorithm-powered database. They are more expensive and time-consuming to build. But often they still fail to provide the answer that the customer wants. This is why BeFrank developed a scripted chatbot with support from Quriobot.

Utilising chatbots to help customers faster
Almar Stolp, Online Manager at BeFrank: ‘At BeFrank we get a lot of questions about logging into the personal section on our website. We wanted to see if we could anticipate these questions by using a chatbot to make the customer’s experience faster and more efficient. It took only a few weeks to achieve this. This is how fast it can go! The chatbot is now available on and Besides helping users to log in, they can also interact with the chatbot to find what they need. We will continue to improve the chatbot and if the results are positive we intend to implement it further in other services.’

About Quriobot
Launched at the beginning of 2017, Quriobot enables businesses to start a digital conversation with their customers. The philosophy is simple: Quriobot offers an interactive alternative to traditional contact and feedback forms, enabling a user-friendly online conversation while increasing customer engagement. Quriobot offers various applications and can be used for more purposes than just the replacement of feedback forms.