New job a favourite on New Year’s wish list

4 January 2017


A third of the Dutch population with a paid job will either change employers in 2017 or is considering doing so. Nearly 25 percent of those who intend to change jobs want to become self-employed or open their own business. This is revealed by a survey of more than 1,100 Dutch workers commissioned by online pension administrator BeFrank and conducted by Panelwizard.

While a new job is a top item on the New Year’s wish list for part of the Dutch working population, more than 55 percent of those surveyed expect to keep their current job in 2017. It does not matter to more than half of those who believe they will change jobs whether their new position is in a different sector or not. While the security of a permanent job is often the argument for staying with the current employer, improved economic conditions in the Netherlands mean the Dutch workforce is once again on the move.

Job-changers prefer a job over being self-employed
The majority of people who have concrete plans for changing jobs want to continue working for an employer (63 percent). More than 23 percent want to become self-employed or open a business. The main group that considers a future as self-employed or opening a business are men under the age of 40. Interest in starting a business decreases considerably after this age. This option also appears to be less attractive to women.

Consequences for pension accrual
‘Changing jobs always has consequences for your pension accrual. It’s also a good time to once again take a close look at the state of your pension,’ says Marianne de Boer, Managing Director of BeFrank. ‘The change will have an even greater impact if you decide to become self-employed. You can currently still decide yourself whether or not to accrue your pension if you’re self-employed. Very few self-employed people opt in practice to accrue pension and consequently run the risk of financial problems later in life. That’s why we would like to see a mandatory pension scheme so that everyone in the Netherlands will begin accruing a pension.’

About the survey
The survey was carried out by PanelWizard Direct. It is the research panel of Kien Research and has more than 30,000 members aged 16 or older. The panel members have stated in advance that they wish to participate in market research. PanelWizard uses MOA’s Golden Standard, the leading weighing approach to research results that is recognised sector-wide. More than 1,100 employed people in the Netherlands took part in this survey.

About BeFrank
BeFrank has been operating in the collective pension market since 2011 and is the Netherlands’ first Premium Pension Institution (PPI). BeFrank provides a clear pension, unambiguous communications, online services and low costs. It is part of the Delta Lloyd Group.

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