New in the Netherlands: a CO2 neutral pension plan

4 October 2019


As of today, BeFrank offers companies the possibility to make their pension plan a lot more sustainable. BeFrank’s clients can compensate the CO2 footprint of their invested pension funds via reforestation projects, thereby making the pension portfolio CO2 neutral. BeFrank is the first pension provider in the Netherlands who offers this possibility.

Companies are increasingly incorporating sustainable practices into their policies, from the use of renewable energy to the electrification of the corporate car fleet. Pension also has the potential to realize a lasting difference by investing sustainably. With the new CO2 neutral pension plan of BeFrank, clients can ensure the CO2 emissions associated with their pension investments are compensated by removing CO2 from the air via nature. BeFrank is the first provider in the pension business who makes this possible for her clients. One of the few effective ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere is planting trees on a large scale. To achieve this, the online pension provider has started working with Land Life Company, a Dutch company which specialises in reforestation of degraded land.

The Method
BeFrank invests pension money in investment funds which emit relatively little CO2 emissions. The remaining CO2 footprint is compensated. The CO2 footprint of a client is calculated based on data provided by investment funds. Using this information, Land Life Company generates a model to estimate how many trees should be planted to compensate for the footprint. Land Life Company proceeds to plant and monitor the trees, all while engaging local communities. “The clients receive detailed insights into the location and development of the trees as well as the amount of CO2 that has been captured. All accessible online,” says BeFrank director Jan Hein Rhebergen. “We really like this approach, it’s a great method to contribute to a healthier world to ensure it will stay that way when you retire”.

The Profit
Nature and the climate are the ultimate winners. Reforestation combats climate change by effectively removing CO2 from the atmosphere and restores biodiversity. The reforestation projects also contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Companies benefit from staying at the forefront of positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future. Research has shown that a staggering 76% of millennials seeking new employment are conscious of companies’ social and environmental impact. An additional two third of this group will not work for companies which ignore corporate social responsibility.

BeFrank also participates
In their efforts to become more sustainable, BeFrank will also make their own employees’ pension investments CO2 neutral. “In addition, we find it important as a company to get our own CO2 footprint as low as possible. Naturally, we will also offset the CO2 that we emit as an organization. It is a responsibility that we must and want to take. This way we can contribute our share to a sustainable future,” says Rhebergen. BeFrank is currently in discussion with several clients to make their pension plan CO2 neutral. The pension provider expects that they will be able to provide this service to all clients in the coming new year. Last, BeFrank will continue to evaluate how to make the investment portfolio as sustainable as possible.

About Land Life Company
Land Life specializes in the restoration of nature, in particular of semi-arid areas where nature can no longer regenerate. They use technology, data and best practices from agriculture and forestry to restore and monitor the trees they plant. Reforestation does not only combat climate change, but it also ensures the retention of ground- and rainwater, restores biodiversity, improves the air quality and soil conditions, and consequently lays the foundation for new healthy ecosystems.

About BeFrank
BeFrank has been active in the collective pension market since 2011 and is the first premium pension institution (PPI) in the Netherlands. BeFrank offers an online pension, clear communications and innovative services. BeFrank is part of the NN Group.

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