Know what you are eating

19 September 2017


To gain one kilo of bodyfat, you will have to eat 7.777 extra calories. This equals 65 croquettes, 47 Mars bars or 38 pieces of cheesecake. Which snacks are the most fattening? And what will you have to do to burn the calories after a cheat meal?

Bitterbal (Dutch croquette) 35 kcal
Spring roll 90 kcal
Saté sticks 110 kcal
Mini-pizza 290 kcal
Fries with mayonaise 590 kcal
Cheese Croissant 250 kcal
Healthy Sandwich 330 kcal
Grilled sandwich 290 kcal
Cream cheese cracker 60 kcal
Cracker Brie 55 kcal
Cube of cheese 40 kcal

Lost your self-control in the cafeteria? This way you will lose up to a 100 calories:

– 6 minutes of powerful stair climbing
– 30 minutes of shopping
– 22 minutes of vacuuming
– dancing for a half hour
– do a 6 minute sprint
– calling for 50 minutes

How financially fit are you?
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