Help, I have an injury!

27 March 2018


Finally getting into a good flow with your workouts and then it injury! Say goodbye to your carefully built up stamina. Right? Let’s clear up some fables about sports injuries plus some tips about what to do about them.

‘With an injury, in most cases it is good to start moving again’

In case you have an injury, a minimum of six weeks of refraining from working out is advisable. It is a common misconception, not really based on anything. It might sound contradictory, but with an injury it is often advisable to start moving again, after consultation with a sports doctor. Reason for this is that injuries are, in most cases, caused by a lack of strength, coordination or mobility. This can be easily remedied with strength training, fitness and stability exercises.

I will just go swimming..
We can almost hear you thinking: if you have an injury, isn’t it better to just go swimming instead of training with weights? After all, swimming is not very demanding for the body, right? That is indeed true, with a low risk for new injuries while swimming. However, a big disadvantage is that swimming does not solve existing injuries and it yields little in terms of muscle strength and condition.

How to handle an injury
The advice is to take a few days of rest after an injury. Do not force anything, take your time and do not get stressed out. Depending on the nature of the injury, you can usually gradually start building up your sports activities after four to seven days. Please make sure to check this with a professional first. Give your body the chance to get used to the renewed activity, so don’t immediately go full speed. Take it step by step, you will see that your stamina is back to the old level in no time.

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