How to stay fit on holidays

22 June 2019


Eating like royalty, lounging by the pool all day and boozing it up: many people’s idea of a good holiday is letting it all hang out. The downside is that you’ll get out of shape fast – with the extra pounds to prove it. But if you do these full-body workouts, you’ll get your body
beach-ready before heading off!

Full-body workout
What do you need? Your body weight, 30 minutes of free time, and a good attitude. You can do these exercises anywhere – on the beach, poolside and in your hotel room. The workout consists of 8 exercises you do back-to-back. Take a one-minute breather and complete the entire set of exercises two more times. There are several apps and videos available containing instructions and exercises.
1. Air squats (3 x 14 repeats)
2. Push-ups (3 x 8 repeats)
3. Leg scissors (3 x 15 repeats)
4. Dipping (3 x 15 repeats)
5. Sit-ups (3 x 15 repeats)
6. Mountain climber (3 x 15 repeats per leg)
7. Walking lunges (3 x 10 repeats per leg)
8. Shoulder taps (3 x 10 repeats per shoulder)

If you can keep up this routine up every day of your holiday, you will stay fit with hardly any effort.

Go take a hike!
Hiking is fun and something you can do virtually anywhere, including on your holiday, during sunrise.
But while at your holiday destination, you can also take several days to complete a hike and reach your destination. Don’t feel like going it alone? Hiking with a group may be the challenge you’re looking for, like if you’re planning to climb a mountain along your trail. Find a tour that will lead you through mountainous areas along the many walking paths. This type of activity is becoming more common in many popular holiday destinations. Mallorca, for example, offers hikes combined with swimming in caves. Alternate your hiking days with a day at the beach or the pool.

Holiday swims
If you’re keen to stay fit, you can also discover your holiday destination on your runners. Not really your thing? Get your full-body workout by taking a refreshing dip in the pool and swim a few laps.
Added bonus: chances are it’s a lot more appealing to dive in wherever you’re on holiday than back home. Don’t push it! Swimming is pretty intense: if you’re not a regular swimmer, you need to build it up slowly. Even 30 minutes can be a tough workout! Don’t overdo it with the laps and take breaks in between. Take it easy!

Have fun
Make sure your holiday swim workout is enjoyable. Change it up and don’t be too hard on yourself. Challenge yourself to turn it into a fun experience. Choose a few regular locations at the side of the pool (trees, beach poles and ice-cream carts) and set small assignments for yourself – for example,
by changing up the pace. Take time to rest and look around. Enjoy the scenery and the joy of splashing around in an outdoor pool!

How financially fit are you?
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