Five questions about diets

14 September 2017


Do you always make the right decisions when you are dieting? Here are five questions and answers on what you should and should not do.

1. Should you count calories all day when you’re on a diet?
Absolutely not. If nature would have wanted us to count calories all day, we would have been given a calculator on our tongues, and not taste buds. A simple trick if you want to lose weight is to, besides breakfast, eat a plate of food two times a day that is half-filled with vegetables, for a fourth with rice/pasta/bread/potatoes and for a fourth with fish, meat or a meat substitute.

2. Instead of following a diet, can’t you just do more workouts to lose weight?
There is no doubt about it that exercising is good for you. But don’t expect short-term miracles if you just stick to working out. Imagine this: the energy value of one kilo of fat is equal to 7.777 calories. This equals a fourteen hour swim. So you will have to swim for fourteen hours if you want to burn of one kilo of fat. Or walk for 35 hours. Or run for about ten hours. Even for top athletes this is a bit too much.

3. Will you gain weight if you eat after 8 P.M.?
One of the most persistent fables. Yes your digestion works a bit different during the day than it does at night. However, this difference is so minimal that it can be neglected. You will gain weight if, for a longer period of time, your calorie intake is bigger than the amount of calories you are burning. All scientists agree to this much, regardless the time.

4. Why is a good breakfast so important if it doesn’t matter anyway when you eat something?
The most important thing about having a good breakfast is that it prevents you from grasping a greasy snack that is full of calories in the cafeteria around 11 A.M. Above all, positive points of having a good breakfast in the morning is that your digestion gets a jumpstart and you will be much more alert in traffic and at work.

5. Will you lose a lot of weight if you drink a lot of water during the day?
Our bodies consist of water for a whopping seventy percent. So almost all of the processes in our body happen in water. If there is not enough water in your body, your metabolism will slow down. 1,5 liters of water is to be advised to drink daily. More than this is absolutely not necessary.

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